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An Innovative program designed to assist children in the early development stages

Dynaerobics offers a diverse array of meticulously crafted, well-balanced and enjoyable. These programs are designed to actively engage your child's attention span and physical well-being during every session. Our skilled, highly-qualified, and enthusiastic trainers conduct these sessions. Each session lasts for 30 minutes and maintains a consistent schedule at the school or designated venue throughout the year.

The Dynaerobics programs seamlessly blend elements from disciplines like boxing, pilates, gymnastics, and ball skills. Our focus in these programs is on specific muscle groups, ensuring that your child receives a tailored, comprehensive workout that enhances their stability and overall athleticism.

All our programs have received endorsements from multiple physiotherapists and occupational therapists, and they are consistently reviewed to maintain the quality of physical development. This dedication prevents the programs from becoming repetitive or outdated.

Dynaerobics operates as a functional exercise program, addressing a contemporary concern where children often struggle with core strength, scapular strength, and upper body strength. Our program takes a targeted approach to address these specific areas, ensuring that your child will be well-prepared for their future sports-related pursuits.

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